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With extensive experience in video editing, I am a skilled professional who has honed the craft of transforming raw footage into visually captivating stories. I possess expertise in editing software, creative storytelling, and visual aesthetics, delivering exceptional results that engage audiences and convey powerful messages through the art of video editing.

Professional Video Editing

Motion Graphics & Titling

Audio Editing & Enhancement

Good Communication

Thumbnail Designing



Work experience
Main Video Editor - 2021 - 2022

Celeb Space YouTube Channel / Done 70+ Projects

As the main video editor for a celebrity news YouTube channel, I curated and edited captivating content, blending visuals, graphics, and sound to entertain and inform viewers consistently.

Reels Video Editor - 2021 - Present

Goats Win / Done 45+ Projects

As an Instagram Reels video editor for a marriage coach, I created engaging and captivating videos that successfully caught viewers' attention, making the content highly interesting and enjoyable to watch.

Ads Video Editor - 2021 - 2023

Emerald Sky Group / Done 15+ Projects

As a video editor for a marketing company, I collaborated with renowned brands like Samsheild, Zaradzki, and Sophie Goineau, editing impactful social media advertisements that captured attention and drove conversions.

Real Estate Video Editor - 2022 - Present

Exp Realty / Done 15+ Projects

As a video editor for a real estate firm, I skillfully crafted compelling videos that showcased properties, highlighting their unique features and creating immersive experiences to attract potential buyers and clients.

Podcast Video Editor - 2021 - Present

Shockingly Different Leadership / Done 15+ Projects

As a podcast video editor for a leadership company, I skillfully enhanced engagement through audio and video editing, creating dynamic content for personal and professional growth.


YouTube Video Editing

Instagram, Tiktok Reels

Facebook And Social Media Ads

Podcasts & Interviews Editing

Thumbnail Designing

Product, Promos & Commercials

“Editing is where movies are made or broken. Many a film has been saved and many a film has been ruined in the editing room.”

– Joe Dante

"Excellent job, great communication. Will be using Bill for many projects in the future."

- Chase Whiteny

"This is definitely one of my favorite Fiverr freelancers. He is smart, gets the job done well and on time. I am very pleased with his work and will work with him again."

- Mario Che

”I can't recommend this Seller highly enough! He delivered exactly what we were looking for. I am very grateful.”

- Anna Johnson


”They created a short video for me. Amazing work, it really pops, just as I described, final result exceeded my expectations.”

- Jaka Hudej

”I am so impressed with editor Bill. He does a wonderful job finding photos and music that goes along great with our videos.”

- Holly Evans

”He really has a natural eye for design and has improved the quality of my videos.”

- Ashley Ann